Currently, the design capacity of the plant is about 10 thousand tons of constructions per year.
The plant specializes in the manufacture of carcasses of industrial and civil buildings, has extensive experience in the reconstruction of metallurgical and chemical industries, as well as in the production of steel constructions for the construction of airports, stadiums, gyms, supermarkets, ice rinks, road and rail bridges.

The huge potential of engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers with many years of experience in the enterprise, the necessary machinery equipment allows to solve any problems for the production of products of varying complexity.

   Facilities of the factory located on a total area of over 55000 sq. m. with the adjacent territory located in the industrial area of the city

Production facilities:


– metal warehouse of over 5 000 sq. m.

– preparation and processing of the metal workshop more than 18 000 sq.m.

– assembly and welding of steel constructions workshop – 16 000 sq. m.

– blasting and painting of steel constructions workshop – 12 000 sq. m.

The staff of “STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATION PLANT UKRSTAL ZHYTOMYR” – a team of professionals with extensive experience of theoretical and practical work.

Employees of the enterprise will professionally help to implement both simple and complex projects. To date, the team of “SSFP UKRSTAL ZHYTOMYR” has more than 300 people.

Staffing of the company – is primarily workers who have professional knowledges
Experienced professionals develop management skills, increasing their status in the company, gaining professional reputation and the trust of colleagues, participate in the formation of a professional team (this is very important, since the efficiency of the entire team depends on the performance of each employee).
For any company is important the formation of personnel reserve, sо experienced staff from attracting young professionals expect the inflow of fresh ideas. Organizational adaptation at the plant level has its own logic, subordinate to sustainable development and improve the effectiveness of training experts : workplace training supported by line Manager; individual mentoring; practical knowledge, in-depth familiarization of employees with the structure of the plant, production technology, improvement of professionally important qualities.

Subdivision of the plant is represented by such departments:

dsc_1419Design departmentleads the development of technical documentation, detailed drawings

– Technology department-ensures execution of the manufacturing process, the operation of the main technological equipment.

– Financial – Economic department-organizes financial activity of the plant.


– Human Resodsc_1423urces and Law department-engaged in bringing the activities of the plant in accordance with current legislation, the company defines the requirements for personnel and recruits the staff .

Marketing department- working with customers: directs the activities of all units of the plant to the market needs in order to timely adjust the operation and interaction between divisions taking into account the interests of the plant.


Центральная Заводская Лаборатория

– Technical control department-provides operational control at all stages of the production process, quality control and completeness of the finished product.

The central plant certified laboratory-performs laboratory testing of raw materials coming into production materials, semi-finished and finished products control.

Supply department-provides logistical support to the activities of the plant, planning supply of material and technical resources.


The specifics of each Department of the plant is:

Design Department, LLC “ZMK UKRSTAL ZHYTOMYR”is a team of professionals , which has partnered with the leading design and research institutes of Ukraine and with the help of modern programs of development of design documentation TEKLA, Auto CAD, Kompas, Solid Works, and by partnering with leading design and research institutes of Ukraine allow successfully implement the boldest ideas of our customers.

The Design Department in the division of our plant, upon receipt of the order to provide customers with the Detailed Drawings project leads the development of technical documentation of drawings and the drawings getting approval from the Customer, the project products from metal supplied to the shop.

Technology department provides with the most cost-effective implementation of the production process, effective use of technical, material and human resources, continuous monitoring of the production process, the work of the main process equipment.

Financial – Economic Department organizes financial activities of the company, aimed at ensuring the financial resources of fulfillment of plan targets, safety and effective use of fixed assets and working capital, labor and financial resources of the enterprise, controls the payments for the obligations of the state budget, suppliers and institutions to bank.

Human Resources and Law Department -The main function of the department is to bring the activities of the enterprise in accordance with the existing legislation, as well as protecting its legal interests and information about all the revisions and new legislation directly related to the activity of the plant.Participation in the preparation and signing of contracts. The main functions of the Personnel Department at the plant include: defining the company’s needs in HR and recruitment together with Department heads; preparation of staffing company; registration of personal files of employees; maintenance of leave records, scheduling and processing of leave in accordance with applicable labour legislation; organization of certification of employees, planning career of the movement of personnel; preparation of plans to improve the skills of workers.

Marketing Department – Marketing department is studying the market and its prospect for development, determines the satisfaction of construction companies in the materials provided by the company and its services.

Supply department -Provides implementation material resources to construction sites in accordance with approved nomenclature and schedules of work.

The department technical control – provides check of material resources including raw materials, semi-finished components coming into production, preparation of reports on compliance with quality standards and specifications, operational control at all stages of the production process, quality control and completeness finished products.

Central plant certified laboratory provides the accuracy of the control, according to the requirements of the process, also performs laboratory control of raw materials coming into the production materials, semi-finished and finished products, in order to determine their compliance with applicable standards and specifications.
The laboratory represented by such departments as:

– The chemical laboratory– performs the analysis of the composition of materials on a fixed nomenclature czl on conformity to requirements of normative documents

Mechanical laboratory, provides testing materials, mechanical properties, analyzes the reasons for non-compliance test samples submitted for tests

– The welding laboratory determines the mechanical properties of welded joints and materials, as well as macro – and microstructure of these welds and their resistance .Conducted in laboratory operations have dsc_1429a great impact on the technology of welded structures and products.

Attestation center – carries out attestation control and training to enhance skill level and knowledge of specialists working at the plant.


 “SSFP UKRSTAL ZHYTOMYR” LLC.has certified integrated management system according to international standards: EN ISO 9001: 2008 “Quality Management System”, EN ISO 14001: 2004 “Environmental Management System”, BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 “Health management system and safety.”
serg-glavnaya In the production of steel metal constructions and welded components for bridges, welding – technical requirements comply with the standard EN ISO 3834-2: 2005 and the European Union standards.

In the production of metal constructions plant follows the requirements of the European standard EN 1090-2, operating at the plant since 2012.
Products manufactured at “STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATION PLANT UKRSTAL ZHYTOMYR” is certified according to the requirements of the state system of certification.
This makes it possible to reliably monitor the quality and reliability of products.
“SSFP UKRSTAL ZHYTOMYR” LLC. focuses on the use of innovative technologies and advanced scientific research. In cooperation with the leading country in the field of welding technologies The E.O. PATON Electrical Welding Institute NASU at the plant wisely retooled the production base.Through such cooperation, the company has the ability to quickly solve the problem of implementation in production of new grades of high-strength structural steels and high-performance welding consumables. Used automated welding along with high performance of welding works provide the required quality, reliability and durability of the produced welded steel structures

The involvement of specialists from the Institute for scientific and technical engineering and technological support for the production of metal constructions of bridge spans and interchanges, enables operational issues associated with providing their constructive and technological strength, and reduction in welded structures residual stresses and deformations.

Today the equipment of the plant allows to carry out all activities that are necessary for the production of metal constructions from cutting and drilling to rolling and welding. At the plant can be grinding of coatings, as well as drying and painting of surfaces corrosion protection of metal and constructions of any complexity.
The foundation for victory in any tender is not the price for 1 ton metal constructions but innovative solution that makes it possible to optimize the weight of the carcass and the benefit cost for 1 square. meter area. Through the use of optimal calculations, the costs of work at the plant metal constructions are reduced to 20%. This is a major plus, influencing the choice of a partner.

It is the Union of modern production and advanced science provides us with good results, and the ability to work on the basic principle of the market – to be in the right place at the right time.