Our work

   Since 2000 STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATION PLANT UKRSTAL ZHYTOMYR was directly involved in a number of prestigious projects in the construction objects of different function in Ukraine and Europe, including:

  • Independence monument in Kyiv
  • The industrial complex “Coca-Cola” (Kyiv);
  • The industrial complex, the brewery “Obolon” (Kyiv);
  • The complex of buildings of the plant for the processing of sunflower seeds companies «Cargill» (Donetsk);
  • «Gallina Blanca» Factory food (Kyiv);
  • Tobacco Factory «J.T.I.» (Kremenchug);
  • Tobacco Factory Philip Morris frame building (Kharkov)
     Central Railway Station (Kyiv);
    Central Railway Station (Kyiv);
  • Arch bridge in Yalta (Crimea)
  • Reconstruction of the Central Railway Station (Kyiv);
  • Construction of the airport Kyiv
  • Train station “Yuzhniy” in Kyiv
  • The descent of the Presidential flyover bridge in Kyiv
  • Terminal for new mail (Kyiv region).
  • The hangar for wide-body aircraft ASTC. Antonov(Kyiv);
  • Terminal “A” International airport in Lviv;
    Terminal “A” airport in Lviv
    Terminal “A” airport in Lviv
  • Plant “Keramin” for the production of ceramic tiles (Kyiv);
    The complex of desulphurization company Alstom(Poland)
    The complex of desulphurization company Alstom(Poland)
  • Steel structures for the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant;
  • Chernobyl nuclear power plant Storage of nuclear waste (Slavutych, Kyiv region)
  • Shopping centers BRICOMARCHE, PARVIS, VITERMARCHE (France).
  • Desulfurization system in Lodz for companies Alstom (Poland)

       STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATION PLANT UKRSTAL ZHYTOMYR has the ability and capacity to carry out highly complex projects, from detailed documentation based on the developed project documentation, until further fabrication constructions requiring the use as special equipment in production workshops and processing of prefabricated parts with application anti corrosion protection, painting and further delivery structures to an object in any part of Ukraine and Europe

    Desulfurization complex for Alstom company
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    Shopping and entertainment center of Kiev
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    Highway bridge on the highway Kiev-Odessa
    • bunkera-gotov
    Hoppers storage inert materials
    • file0018143
    Kyiv railway station
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    Тhe brewery “Obolon” (Kyiv)
    Part of the construction of a chimney ( flue pipe)for industrial use