Made application will allow you to get a comprehensive offer for the supply and fabrication the necessary constructions. The offer comprises costs of the project, according to the timing of the documentation received and the terms and conditions of delivery.

   Depending on the size and complexity, metal fabrication according to your drawings and your project documentation can be carried out in the pre-agreed terms with you. To understand the calculation of the cost of the  metal constructions that we produce on the basis of  structural drawings suggest you to familiarize with the items listed below, which determine the amount of the cost of these components:

Grades and profiles used metal;

The amount of metal based waste;

Technical complexity of production constructions (dimensions, use of special equipment, additional equipment);

The complexity of fabrication;

Laboriousness fabrication;

Type of anti-corrosion coating;

Delivery constructions on the object (if necessary)

Stages of ordering for metal:
 · A request from a customer, or company, with estimated delivery terms of steel structures
· project (accept completed projects and comprehensive design documentation: drawings of the object with the specification of the metal on the estimated scope of work, indication of anti corrosion system  afforded by the design and specifying of transport and place of delivery)
· calculation of cost
· manufacturing

   We accept orders for metal constructions:
· Frameworks of various buildings, both industrial and civil
· Objects of reconstruction of metallurgical and chemical industries,
· Construction of airports, stadiums, gyms, supermarkets, ice rinks,
· Road and railway bridges.
· Trade Organizations.

   (For calculation it is required to specify the use of metal and weight of metal. To specify the type of anti-corrosion coating and the distance from the place of unloading of structures)

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