International Conference on Steel Construction 2017

   At the end of May 2017 in Düsseldorf, the world Steel Manufacturers Association held a conference of steel construction manufacturers from Western and Eastern Europe. Representatives of Ukraine on it could see how  the West  used steel structures.

“Structural steel is the material of the 21st century, and we see very great potential for its use in construction,” says Vladimir Nosov, general director of the Ukrainian Center for Steel Construction.

Builders choose this material because it makes construction quick. The design is easy. It can be transported over long distances. And architects and engineers thanks to it can realize the most daring plans, which can not be realized with the help of reinforced concrete. So it is not surprising that about 45% of all steel in the world is used in construction.

According to Karl Perry, director of the consulting company Perry Advisor, in some markets, for example, in the United Kingdom, the share of steel structures is about 65%.

But in Ukraine the situation is completely different. We use steel structures very rarely, giving preference to concrete structures. Nosov recalls that the consumption of steel in Europe is very large. Only a small Holland consumes up to 600 thousand metal structures per year.

Because of this, domestic metallurgists are losing significant funds. Perry noted that if you sell steel as raw materials, you can get $ 600-700 per ton: “But if you apply engineering work to it, an architect will work on your product, you can sell that piece of steel for $ 2.5 thousand per ton.

The production of such products requires considerable effort. Here you need to study the needs of the client, as well as combine engineering, scientific and design solutions in the product. But it is very well rewarded. “This is understandable, because if you control the whole process, if you supply the end product to the market, then you have a large margin,” says Lorenz Schirmer, head of e-marketing department at C & P.

It is also significant that C & P is interested in the Ukrainian market. And not only to sell their products, the company could create production in our country. But this requires certain conditions.

 First of all, we need areas for construction. We need educated staff. And such legislation that would give confidence that your investments will be protected for at least 30-40 years.

“Manufacturers need to communicate with steel consumers, companies that use steel structures, and they need to understand what the consumer needs,” says Roger Schlim, head of the heavy steel division of Salzgitter AG.

Either decisions that allow the use of time, or money. And then, they need to better advertise, promote their products from steel. “But I think it’s only a matter of time before we see that the Ukrainian economy is recovering, and this is already happening, we will see that more and more consumers will start using steel in the local market,” says Terrence Busuttil, director of the construction association of the association Worldsteel .